Step 1: Get a BaseLine建立基線

Timeline 1.5 – 3 hours over 1 week     需時:在第一週花上 1.5 - 3 小時


  1. Create a B Impact Assessment Login  建立 B 影響力評量的登入帳號
  2. Take a first pass of assessment 進行第一循環的評量
  3. Review initial score 檢討初步的積分
  4. See how you stack up compared to 20,000 + that have taken the assessment 和兩萬多家已經填妥此評量的企業相較,看看您的排名落點在哪裡

Step 2: Engage Your Team 讓團隊成員參與

Timeline: Varies based on existing tracking / information   需時:可依據既有記錄 / 資訊自行調整

Identify the right people to engage:  找出適合參與的適當人選:

Human Resources 人力資源

Operations 營運

Finance 財務

  1. Explain Objectives and Benefits 說明目的及效益
  2. Assign Questions    指派問題
  3. Update Your Assessment    更新您的評量表單
  4. Start conversations about the legal requirement    開始有關法務需求的討論

Step 3: Review Call 電話審查

Timeline: 2-3 weeks, 90 minute call    需時:2 - 3 週,90 分鐘的電話訪談

  1. Submit Assessment for Review (90% complete) 呈遞繳交評量表單以進行審查 (需填妥 90%)
  2. B Lab Staff will Schedule Call B Lab 的同仁會安排電話訪談
  3. Review Assessment, refine score  檢討評量表單,優化積分

Step 4: Implement 導入(執行)

Timeline: Varies  需時:依需要自行調整

  1. Use Action Plan and Best Practice tools within the assessment to identify areas to improve your score 運用評量裡的「行動計畫」及「最佳實務作業」工具,以找出可以提昇您積分的領域
  2. Start with the short term / easy to implement items first 從短期 / 容易獲致改善的事項先開始著手

Step 5: Documentation 上傳文件

Timeline: 3-5 Weeks  需時:3 - 5 週

  1. If your score is above 80, congratulations! You’re ready to move forward certification 如果您的積分高於 80 分,恭喜您!您已準備就緒可進行認證了
  2. Upload documentation to verify your score 上傳文件以驗證您的積分
  3. Finalize score with B Lab staff 和 B Lab 人員對積分做最後確認

Step 6: Finalize Certification 最終認證(慶祝並邁向下一步)

Timeline: 1-2 Weeks    需時:1 - 2 週

  1. Understand your legal requirements 瞭解您的法務需求

  2. Sign the term sheet and pay annual fees 簽署合約書並支付年費